Designer and real estate developer, Nordikasa is a general contractor in the Laurentides and Outaouais regions.

Concerned about contributing to a superior quality of life, we offer turnkey construction projects customized to your needs in one of our Districts or on your property *.

Specializing mainly in the construction of tiny and small house, Nordikasa was born out of the desire to offer a healthy, ecological and luxurious small home, adapted to the reality of our time.

Does your family have a sense of greatness? We also design exceptional large houses that meet your vision. Choose a house from our unique selection of models with a thoughtful concept on the lookout for new trends.

From turnkey construction to the sale of plans for your self-construction project, including the design of tailor-made and personalized projects, we offer you a wide range of services adapted to your reality and your needs.

Considering the climate change, we believe in the importance of protecting ecosystems and living in harmony with nature. Our respect for the environment motivates us to build rewarding living environments for our clients.

For Nordikasa, education is a catalyst for evolution; our team helps raise awareness one small home at a time.