Because you are unique, Nordikasa offers you the possibility to design a small customized house, perfectly adapted to your tastes and needs.

Create the home of your dreams from our remarkable selection of models, foundations, styles and options.


Ground plate

This technique, more economical and ecological than a basement, is perfectly suited for new building projects and for almost any type of terrain. With an adequate insulation coefficient, this ground plate avoids freezing issues and contributes to maintaining a healthy interior air.

Crawl Space

The crawl space is adapted for flat grounds or with a minimal slope. It provides a well insulated and ventilated space between your small house and the natural ground surface, for an additional easily accessible storage space.


Building a house on concrete pilings is particularly beneficial in flood-prone zones, as well as on terrains with sharp slopes or hard soil. This solution allows to position the house on a higher level and to have a minimum impact on the ground.

Spud Piles

Spud piles act as large screws mounted in the ground, and offer a simple, cost-effective installation solution. They provide protection against floods, and sufficient stability on various types of terrain, while limiting your small house ground footprint.